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Parent Reminder for Opening Day



Each year, we take an opportunity to remind parents of the Sport Parent Code of Conduct adopted by our league. I've attached a link to the full document here. This year, I would like to emphasize a particular point. It's number seventeen on the list and it's just as important as the 16 that precede it. It states:

"I (parent) will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team"

Many of our girls are developing as players. It's challenging enough with all the direction they are getting from coaches. Please, when in the stands, use this time to encourage and support your daughter, their team and the effort of the entire league. There is plenty of time afterwards to coach your daughter(s) individually.

Also, please know that if you don't take the time to read the code of conduct, you are still responsible for adhering to it. If we all follow the code, it will be a much better experience for everyone involved.

Finally, the NGSLL Board is very excited to start playing games this weekend and wish all the girls, coaches and officials an exceptional season!


by posted 02/20/2018
9-10-11 Rockets Win FL State Title



Congratulations to our 9-10-11 All Star team, Rockets, for winning the State Championship on Sunday advancing to the Little League Invitational Tournament this weekend in Clarksville, TN.  The Rockets won by going undefeated in 3 games winning the final game 10-0 over Section 3 champions, Yulee Little League.

While our Seniors run ended at the State tournament, their play was exceptional. They went 1-1 over the weekend losing to the eventual champs, San Mateo. We are very proud of our Senior girls and look forward to every one of them returning next season to defend their Section 6 title.

by posted 07/17/2017
9-10-11 Rockets Win Section 6 Title

Coach Yerye did not photoshop himself into all these pictures.


Just one day following the Senior's success, the 9-10-11 Rockets on Sunday completed their sweep of the competition from Districts 9 and 18 and secured another Section 6 championship for Naples Girls Softball Little League.

The Rockets will compete again in San Carlos this weekend for the State Championship and if successful will return to Tennessee for the 9-10-11 Invitational July 21st to July 24th.

We are so proud of all our girls!


by posted 07/11/2017
Senior Braves Win Section 6 Title!

2017 Section 6 Senior Champions

The Senior Braves win Section 6 championship against District 9 in two games. In the first game, the Braves prevailed 17-0. In the second game, the girls cruised to a 16-1 victory.  The Braves will represent all of Section 6 next weekend in the State tournament in Rockledge, FL. What an amazing accomplishment for our 9 Senior girls!


by posted 07/08/2017
Congratulations to the Eagles!

2017 Majors Division Champions

Congratulations to the 2017 Eagles who won the year-end tournament for the Majors division hosted by Golden Gate Little League at Max Hasse. The Eagles played well all season long and kept the momentum going with a win in the tournament finals over our other very successful Major's team the Scarlett Knights.



by posted 05/27/2017
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