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Opening Day Closing In
by John Forbes posted 2/14/2018


Minors, Majors and Junior Coaches,

Opening day is just 10 days away and for many of us just 3 more practices to get the girls ready. So at this point, I want to share important reminders and information. I will put them in quick bullet format so Bryan may actually read this : )


  • Current practice schedules were set only through next week so we wouldn't have any conflicts when entering the game schedule (which I am obviously laboring to enter onto the website).
  • Once the game schedule is complete, you can then enter your own schedule for practice through your team website. Its our hope you do continue to practice at least once a week.


  • I am told uniforms will be done by this Thursday. We will pick them up and have them ready for you to hand them out next week. I've tried everything I can to get the practice jerseys this week but just didn't happen.
  • Its my experience there will be some mistake/issue. Don't panic. Just let Betsy McCroskery and me know asap and we will see what we can do to fix it.

Opening Day:

  • Opening day is also picture day. Please have your players arrive at least a half hour (that's 30 minutes Yerye) prior to the scheduled game time. 
  • Plan is to do player introductions and National Anthem before each game (maybe even the LL pledge?). Please provide your line up - written legibily - to our professional announcing crew (which is probably me) as early as possible.

Games at Veterans:

  • If you haven't picked up your key from the office at Veterans, please do so. You will need it.
  • For game days, I placed 2 doz 12 inch and 2 doz 11 inch game balls in our storage shed.
  • There is also a hitting net in the shed for girls to warm up hitting into or for practices.
  • There is also a first aid kit.
  • There are also a couple scorebooks just in case and a plate brush and ball strike indicator.
  • Storage shed is behind the batting cages.



  • Once game schedules are out, you as coaches have the authority to change games if absolutely necessary. Little League does not support forfeiting/cancelling games. 
  • If rescheduling, you must make the changes on the website not just verbally with another coach. I need to know of course in case I need to update field maintenace (especially at Veterans).
  • First aid kits are on the second floor in a cubby. One for each team. Please be sure to pick yours up asap and have it with you at all practices and games.

Lastly - for minors coaches - our local league rules are agreed to with Golden Gate. Please be sure to print and have a copy with you for reference during the season.


On behalf of the Board, parents and players thanks for all you do!





Microsoft Word file 2017 Minors Rules-  Agree upon home rules between NGSLL and GGLLS.

Microsoft Word file Local League Rules Jr Majors 2017-  Still under review by GG for final approval. (1/26/17)